Shoe care guide

Our online store guarantee the quality of the selected item when proper care and maintenance guidelines are followed. To ensure that your purchase brings you joy for as long as possible, it’s important to adhere to these straightforward recommendations:

Before using genuine leather items, apply a waterproof and dirt-repellent solution as instructed on the packaging.
Footwear with leather soles should be protected with rubber sole protectors at a shoe workshop.
Dry wet footwear at room temperature, away from heat sources, after inserting shoe trees (or tightly stuffing them with paper).
Avoid walking on gravel, cobblestones, snow, and wet surfaces in high-heeled footwear. Additionally, this type of footwear is not intended for driving.
Leather, textile materials, footwear with leather soles, as well as footwear attached by stitching, are not waterproof. Therefore, it’s not recommended to wear such footwear in wet weather.
During winter, protect your footwear from exposure to snow-water mixtures and chemical agents.
Please be aware that footwear may discolor when exposed to moisture.
Shoe dampness is not a reason for a warranty claim, provided there are no defects in the sole attachment.
Since footwear is constantly subjected to moisture from both inside and outside, dirt, wear, and tear, we recommend not using the same pair every day. Before use, the footwear should be allowed to dry and regain its original shape.
Footwear is not intended for machine washing.

Cleaning can be carried out using several methods:
Rinse under running water, but do so quickly, avoiding complete saturation of the material. This method is suitable for heavy soiling. Processing sequence: heel, sole, upper. Finish by blotting with a soft absorbent fabric.
Wipe the footwear first with a damp cloth and then with a dry one. This option is suitable for smooth, moderately soiled surfaces. Products made of suede, velour, and nubuck should be cleaned exclusively in dry conditions.
Special rubberized brushes with metallic components can help prevent deterioration of the appearance of surfaces.
You may also use specialized footwear cleaning products, such as Sole Fresh footwear cleaning agents.